Windows 7 logon screen

How to Putting a New Windows 7 Logon Screen ?

If you do not like the Windows 7 logon screen, you can change it by trying this simple hack. Here is how you can do it.
1. Launch the Windows Registry Editor by typing Regedit in Start Menu
2. Go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAuthenticationLogonUIBackground‘.
3. Double-click the DWORD value called ‘OEM Background’ to open it and enter 1 in the Value data field.
Note: If the DWORD ‘OEM Background’ is not there, you need to make it.
4. Browse to the background image that you would like use on the log-in screen. A JPEG file that is less than 245 kb in size can only be used here.
5. Copy the image you want to use into the ‘%windir%system32oobeinfobackgrounds‘ folder. If the folder is not present, you need to create it.
6. Rename the image to backgroundDefault.jpg
7. Restart your computer to check the new login background screen.

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