How to Logout Gmail on Android Phone

logout gmail on android

How to Logout Gmail on Android Phone:

When you turned on your Android device for the first time, you were prompted to add your Google account to it. This account is used to log you in to the Play Store, but also logs you in to your Gmail account. You can add multiple Google accounts to your Android gadgets, so you can manage all your business emails using a single device. Unfortunately, you can’t log out of Gmail on an Android phone without removing the Google accounts. You can add the accounts later if you need to log in to Gmail.

logout gmail on android
logout gmail on android
 How to Logout Gmail on Android Phone: Follow these steps:
Step 1
Tap “Settings” on the home screen to open the Settings screen.
Step 2
Tap “Accounts & Sync” to see all Google accounts.
Step 3
Tap the first account and then tap “Remove Account” to remove the account from your Android device.
Step 4
Tap “Remove Account” to confirm. The Google account is removed immediately and you are logged out its Gmail service.
Step 5
Remove all Google accounts if you want to log out of all Gmail accounts.


  • If you don’t want to delete your account, you can choose to stop syncing new emails automatically: press the “Menu” button in the Gmail app, tap “Settings,” tap the account and uncheck the “Sync Gmail” box; this action will not log you out of Gmail.
  • Tap the “Refresh” button while viewing the Inbox, in the Gmail app, to sync the emails manually.
  • You can use any mobile Web browser to access Gmail by navigating to “” and logging in with your Google username and password.


  • You will be logged out of the Google account in the Play Store app, as well as in all apps that require a Google account.

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