Invalid DB Driver

[Solved] Invalid DB Driver in Codeigniter

Invalid DB Driver : Generally this issue comes when we make changes in system files or remove them accidentally. I also face same issue yesterday and i did a lot research about it and found three solutions that i am going to share with you.

Solution 1: Mysqli Installation & Configuration

Please make sure mysqli driver is installed and enabled in Apache. If it is not installed then install mysqli for php and enable it in Apache. It will solve your invalid db driver issue.

Solution 2: Check System Directory of Codeigniter Project (Invalid DB Driver)

Go to Go to system/database/drivers and check mysqli and mysql directory exist at this location other get the files from fresh codeigniter and paste in to same directory.

Solution 3: Change The DB Driver from mysql to PDO

Go to application/config/database.php and change the database driver mysqli to PDO and also change the dns with proper arguments like pgsql:host=localhost;port=3306;dbname=myproject

$active_group = 'default';
$query_builder = TRUE;
$db['default'] = array(
    'dsn'   => 'pgsql:host=localhost;port=3306;dbname=myproject',
    'hostname' => 'localhost',
    'username' => 'root',
    'password' => '*******',
    'database' => 'myproject',
    'dbdriver' => 'pdo',
    'dbprefix' => '',
    'pconnect' => FALSE,
    'db_debug' => FALSE,
    'cache_on' => FALSE,
    'cachedir' => '',
    'char_set' => 'utf8',
    'dbcollat' => 'utf8_general_ci',
    'swap_pre' => '',
    'encrypt' => FALSE,
    'compress' => FALSE,
    'stricton' => FALSE,
    'failover' => array(),
    'save_queries' => TRUE

Hope this article is useful and solve your problem. You can also leave a comment here, You will get instant reply.

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Note :This solution is for codeigniter 3.0, Contact to Real Codeigniter developers for help.


Invalid DB Driver : This is very small issue and generally it comes when we migrate the code from one location to another and files does not copied properly. If you are facing same problem then try all above methods, 99% it will work, if not then you can contact us, we will do FREE for you.

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