How to Start a Web-Based Business on Google ?

Business on Google. Many Internet marketers and online business entrepreneurs use Google services in some capacity to generate income online. Google makes up more than 65 percent online search traffic, according to 2008 research from Hitwise. The website offers a number of tools and services that you can use to create a successful web-based business that advertises your offerings.

Step 1Visit the main Google web page. Click “Sign In” then “Create an account now” to establish a Google account for your new business. You can use this login ID to manage most of your Google web services.

Step 2Visit Google Sites (See Resources) to create your own website. The service offers templates and web-building tools that you can use to create your web pages quickly. Choose between a free local URL address or purchase a custom domain for your new business. Post information about your products or services as well as general information about your new web-based company.

Step 3Go to the Google Analytics page (See Resources) to set up your website with tracking information. This analytics tool gives you a unique tracking code to insert into each of your webpages.
Step 4Set up an account with Google Adsense to post online ads on your new website. When users click the ads displayed on your webpages you receive a payment for each click. This provides an additional income stream for your new business.
Step 5Use Google Adwords if you want to publicize your own website with online ads. To establish the account you need a credit card. You must create short text advertisements that will display in search results and on other similar websites. Design and submit image ads also if you wish.

Step 6

Establish a Google Gmail account if you need an email address to receive business contact information from customers and other interested parties.

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