Fake Facebook Profile Account, How To Report ?

Fake Facebook Profile Account: Facebook is the most popular social network site in the world, but it is also one of the popular target amongst phishers and other social engineers. Social Engineers makes fishing pages and gets password of others.

Fake Facebook Profile
Fake Facebook Profile

If you find a fake profile with your real name then it may be a serious identity theft. They would have imitated your profile and prepared it for some illegal online activities or they may even use against you. They will also use to bully you or in other words, Cyber Bullying.

Facebook fake profile holders have the same intention as Phishers, they will use your name to obtain more info. It is not difficult to identify Facebook fake profile, you just have to do a basic checkup. You have to report a fake Facebook profile in two cases.

  • You are in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.
  • You are not in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.

Fake Facebook Profile Account

You can also do the same for your friend if they are facing the same issue. Try to provide genuine details while reporting.

You are in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you

The easiest way to do this to ‘report’ that profile. Just go to that fake profile. Click that ‘settings’ icon and select ‘Report/Block’.

Fake Facebook Profile
Fake Facebook Profile

and you’ll get another popup, there you have to select the ‘Report’ type. Select ‘This profile/timeline is pretending to be someone or fake’. If you get a dropdown list, then select some option like “Pretending to me”. Click Continue to submit your report.

Fake Facebook Profile

That’s all you have to do. I believe Facebook surely checks this issue and update you if they need to convey anything.

You are not in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you

Maybe you are not the Social Media type person, or you might have quit Facebook for some reason. But still someone is impersonating you, as if you are in Facebook? Then here is how you can deal with it. Just go to this form and fill the required details.

You have attach the picture of Government-issued ID of the person being impersonated, in this case, that is you. That’s all. Now Facebook will see this issue dearly.

You can see these methods to report Fake profile of your friend or anyone you know. After the rise of cyber-bullying, I’m sure Facebook will take these issues very seriously.

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