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How to Change the Windows Complete Look Like MAC OS ?? Windows to Mac Conversion.

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Hay All,

Mac OS has a great Graphics and more functionality than windows. So Everyone want to change or convert windows to mac.

I want to Change my Windows Look Like MAC Operating System Developed By Apple. Suggest me how can we do it and what tools are required to do it. ????


Amit Kumar
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Your Question is very Good and Graphics related thing.

I have written a article on it. But i am just doing research more on thins thing and related to all graphical things and software installation and RAM or Speed issues related to your question.

I am sorry to Late but I think it will take one week and than i will give you a very great solution and full tutorial and step by step guide of your issue.


Thank You.

Rakesh Singh
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Me also want to do this thing in my Computer... I want to change complete look of my Windows 7 and want to some glassy Look.

Thanks Amit and Thanks Zulma

Rakesh Singh